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Ambassador: Goals

Clcik here to view Trevor Krueger's BlogTo provide a unique and Global Platform for every nation to present itself, its people, its cultures, attributes and opportunities for trade or philanthropic initiative partnerships.

Aiming to feature every nation and dependency spread over seven continental regions.

To appeal to all as a source of information, from students and those with a casual interest in World affairs to the heads of major corporations and state leaders.

To make every nation equal in the sense of a place in the “Global Shop Window” enabling nations to highlight their positive aspects at every level as they would wish the World to understand them. In other words, providing a platform for nations, in particular the smaller countries, to voice their view points and perspective on contentious and non – contentious issues

To feature Video and Text News Bulletins as provided by Thompson Reuters News Agency and any other independently appointed national news network.

To afford each nation the ability and right of reply to any potentially adverse news or documentary content originating from independent sources.

To feature all national data and demographics for purpose of research or reference.

Global Feature

Kaesong Industrial Park
The symbol of hope for international cooperation.

Situated in North East Asia on the borders of North and South Korea, currently still divided by half a century of conflict, is Kaesong Industrial Park. Little known to many in the West but firm evidence that even neighbours at odds with each other can find common ground upon which to build new hope for the future. 

Strongly supported by both North And South Korean Governments, Kaesong began development in June 2003 and will feature areas devoted to Industry, Tourism, Residents and Culture. Kaesong is just one hour drive away from Seoul and two hours from Pyongyang. A hub providing links to both cities by joining the Trans Siberian Railway and the Trans China Railway.

The New Industrial Zone has been built by Hyundai Asan to become a new and prominent focal point for international trade.